Age: appx. 2 years
Gender: male
Breed: Anatolian shepherd/mastiff mix breed
Does well with: children & cats
Special Needs: N/A
Adoption Fee: $100 + tax



Sampson aka Sammy is still very new to the rescue so we will update as we known more information! He came to us as stray found outside of the Gladstone, ND area. The breed is our best guess based on appearance and size. He is 30 inches tall and 120 lbs (a big boy!) He loves to be outside and is the sweetest dog with people. He seems to do fine with cats but at this time, until we can work with him further, we are going to specify no other dogs. We would like to see him with an experienced large breed dog owner who does their research about Anatolian Shepherds. They have epic protective instincts! He’s currently in a foster home with children and hasn’t had an issue with them.