Sadie Marie

Age: 10-14 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Does well with: Small & Large ANimals, & Children
Special Needs: N/A
Adoption Fee: $50+ Tax



Senior Female Chocolate Lab for Adoption/Foster/Sponsorship I would love to introduce you to Sadie Marie. She is sort of a special case and I hope you can find it in your heart to consider letting her live out the rest of her days in your home and arms. She's been moved around from home to home and deserves some place to finally feel she can rest.We estimate her to be between 10-14 years old. She moves around very well for her age and we've even seen her try to counter surf once or twice (but thankfully listens when you tell her to get down!) She is not spayed but due to her advance age, that's not something we would risk. We believe she's had quite a few litters of puppies in her day. It's possible she has a mammary tumor which is common in about a quarter of unspayed females. It doesn't seem to hinder her happy attitude at all though! She does well with kids and is potty trained. She can live with male dogs however does seem to get upset if others try to come near her food or toys. She would do better as an only dog since she's a huge attention hog! We've spoken with someone who has dog-sat her before who says she loves to be with people and the reason for the food possession is due to having to fight to get food in the past. She used to be very thin but has filled out now due to being an only dog. Her adoption fee would only be $50 + tax to help cover her vet care. If you would be able to foster her but not adopt, that would be amazing also! If we can move her to a foster home that opens up our own homes to help more animals! A third option to help Sadie would be sponsorship. $100 donation would go directly to her much needed vet care and you would receive a framed picture and paw print thank you card from Sadie as well as some other goodies we will throw in! We hope you can find it in your heart to give this sweet girl a home. Senior dogs are often over-looked due to their age but they also deserve and crave the love of a forever family as much as a puppy would!