Age: 1 year
Gender: Female
Breed: Pit-Bull Cross
Does well with: Small animals, Large ANimals & Children
Special Needs: N/A
Adoption Fee: $100



Meet Maddie! She is a 7 month old pit-bull mix. She came to us as an owner surrender from a family who loves and misses her everyday however they lived in a city with a breed ban. She is amazing with children and actually was raised with a special-needs child so knows to be gentle and protective of littles. She loves to play of course as she’s still a ball of energy but knows all the basic commands and is very smart. She is also good with both large and small dogs, and has been fixed.

Maddie is currently working with a trainer on her socialization with new people. She hasn't had much interaction with people outside of her immediate family, and will spend a good amount of time barking at new people. She isn't aggressive towards new people, just very vocal about it.

Maddie is OBSESSED with water, and loves baths! Her love can be a bit of a problem, unless you don't mind your dog jumping in your bath with you! We don't know about her experience with the river or lakes, but I'm sure she would be a fantastic dog to take with you!