Age: 3 Years
Gender: male
Breed: Vizsla Mix
Does well with: Small & Large ANimals, & Children
Special Needs: N/A
Adoption Fee: $100+ Tax



Jackson He’s not part of the 5, isn’t from Mississippi (he’s a Texas boy so howdy pardner!🤠) and he isn’t going to make your daughter cry (a little OutKast anyone😎?) When you meet this boy, your first thought should be that you’ve won the lottery! 🗣He’s.amazing! •3 years old, neutered and up to date on shots already• Jackson’s had a bit of a rough start going from death row in Texas to a city in North Dakota with a breed ban. He’s finally landed here at Tails of the Midwest where we promised him a final landing with his forever family (maybe with a doggy sibling to play with? Zoomies just aren’t the same without a buddy to race...just sayin). His soulful eyes are asking for a family to give him a couch and a tennis ball for the rest of his years. He promises to be a good boy and the best co-pilot on all your road trips! He’ll even hold your hand (or just poke his paw at you when he’s looking for some ❤️ 😂)!