Age: 2 YEARS
Gender: FEmale
Does well with: dogs & children
Special Needs: N/A
Adoption Fee: $100 + tax



Meet Avery. She is a 2-years old. She adores children and other dogs. She loves being outside, especially in the winter when she can roll around and make her own version of a snow angel. She is a major bed hog and feels she has to sleep in the center between you and your partner, or children, and will steal all of tour blankets. She loves giving you walks and expects patience as she smells all the flowers to be sure they will cause you no harm. Her favorite past time is taking out the squeaker of all her new toys so she can play the that piece. She did have a favorite toy but all that is left is about 1 inch and she was disappointed when her human would no longer let her play with it. She will give you 3 chances at fetch and then will not let you near her ball. She loves picking her favorite goodies out of the garden before her humans can get any. She is a big lap dog and does not appreciate you trying to get comfortable when she already is.