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Pinky and The Brain

Age: 5 weeks
Gender: male
Breed: pit/husky Cross
Does well with: Small & Large ANimals, & Children
Special Needs: N/A
Adoption Fee: $175+ Tax/EA



Pinky and the Brain are 5 week old pit/husky crosses (this is what we were told). They weigh all of 3 pounds each and are feisty little dudes. They love people and kids and love to run and play. They will be available for adoption when they turn 8 weeks December 22nd. (we will not adopt these dogs out as Christmas presents for family members, applications have to be filled out by the family adopted and can not be filled out on someones behalf)




Hans Solo

Age: 6 Weeks
Gender: male
Breed: Shepherd Mix
Does well with: Children & other dogs
Special Needs: Possibly long term vision loss and a seizure disorder
Adoption Fee: $100+ Tax



Hans Solo was the only puppy born to our girl Raven. he was born at 8:30 on October 9th, 2018. He will not be ready for adoption till the end of November.


Update: We are now accepting applications on Hans! His sight has mostly returned but he is still mildly vision impaired. He will be on Phenobarbital for possibly life so his adopters will have to keep that in mind right now the RX is $15 for 30 days. He needs an experienced dog owner as he is a stubborn little guy who thinks he is top dog already! He will be ready to move to his forever home next week.

Saturday 11:30am Update: He is still very drowsy, but he has not had a seizure since yesterday around 1ish. He doesn’t have any sight and it’s to early to tell if he will be permanently blind. He is scared and nervous and wont eat probably because of the fact that he can not see. He is coming home though so that is a plus. He will be on a prescription of phenobarbital and they are giving us another script for a drug that will stop a seizure if he has another. We need to keep him monitored to see if getting worked up will cause more seizures. There is also a test that they want to complete next week after he has started eating again to test for a possible cause.

2:30 Update: He had a mild seizure about an hour ago. They gave him a large dose of Phenobarbital which basically knocked him out. He is resting they cant give much of an update till he starts coming off that med. If he comes off and starts having seizures again we will have to talk about what we want to do. If he comes off and doesnt seize again they can run tests to try and find a cause.

12:30 Update: Just called to check in on Hans/Rocky. Most people went to lunch but as of right now he is resting comfortably. Will get more of an update as I can. I plan on stopping by the vet for sure on my way home from work

PLEASE HELP! Our little one, Hans, is currently at Missouri Valley vet being treated for seizures. We have no way of knowing what’s wrong with him but according to the vet it could be a stroke, aneurysm, or brain tumor. It could also be a build up of toxins from his liver. His temperature is high and Valium isn’t working. The veterinarian is trying other avenues to stop the constant seizing. He’s only 7 1/2 weeks old and this is devastating to the entire Tails of the Midwest family. If you are able to donate anything to help his care, we would appreciate it. We will update you as we know more but he is at the vet for the unforeseeable future. Keep him in your thoughts today!




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As a volunteer based rescue, we rely on the help of both people like you, and local businesses in the Bismarck-Mandan Community.

Some say, "it takes a village", and that couldn't be more true!

We need YOUR help! Whether it's donating your time and becoming a foster, contributing to our "grocery list" of tangible items, check out our Amazon List here, or monetary donations. If you shop on amazon, you can also visit our AmazonSmile where Amazon will donate a portion of your total right to Tails of the Midwest! Anything you can do to help us, helps our ability to rescue more of the pets in our area.

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about us


Founded in June  of 2017, the purpose of Tails of the Midwest Rescue is to take in unwanted, abandoned, abused, or stray pets and attempt to find suitable forever-homes for them. This will prevent possible neglect and/or euthanasia. This rescue is created and run by local volunteers in the Bismarck-Mandan community. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and fully foster-based.


Marissa Rath

Hello! My name is Marissa Rath. I’m a single-parent raising a 4-year old son and two dogs. Kopa is a four year old Chiweenie. I took him and his sister in after finding out the abuse they had suffered and that they were going to be put-down. I ended up finding a home for the female but Kopa grew very attached to my son and vice-versa so he was here to stay. Amelia is a two year old Golden Retriever/Bulldog mix that looks nothing like either breed. I had fostered her and her ten puppies for another rescue and once all the puppies found forever homes, I kept her. I’ve been part of the rescue community for about four years and enjoy every second of it. I work full-time for an insurance company as a claims benefit specialist and part-time cutting hair. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for nine years. In my spare time, I love to cook and have been a vegetarian for thirteen years. I live for my daily coffee and you can find me most happy with my nose buried in a book. I am a certified holistic health coach and a wellness advocate for doTERRA Essential Oils. I am also certified in holistic tarot and crystal healing.


Melissa Carson

Hello! I am Melissa Carson. I’m married with a 4-year old son and two dogs. Goose is a Golden Retriever and Rooster is an English Mastiff. I work full-time at an engineering firm and in my spare time I spend time with my family and dogs, playing volleyball, and shooting. My family loves to camp in the summer and we have a large backyard to spend time in with friends. I started fostering for another rescue a few years ago and got to see a senior dog find his forever family. After that, I was hooked on the feeling of pure joy of seeing the connection between dog and human come alive.


Misty Jo

Hello fellow animal lovers! My name is Misty. I’m a married mother of one daughter, two step-sons, and three dogs. I blame/thank my obsession and passion for animals on my parents who allowed our family to have dogs, cats, bunnies, and lizards growing up. I initially went to college for veterinary technology. I worked in the field briefly before deciding to further my education. I currently work full-time as a speech language pathologist working with the geriatric population. My dog Monroe is a retired therapy dog. He worked for a few years before his anxiety got the best of him. My dog Mozzy is a laid-off certified therapy dog. He was able to be my side kick for work for several years until I switched jobs which made it difficult for him to travel with me. My hope is that he can soon brush off the dust from his therapy dog bandana and join me again. My other dog Jaxx is… just cute. My family became a foster for a dog from a Texas death row shelter about four years old and have had foster animals ever since!

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever” – Karen Davison

Tiffany Christensen

Hello! My name is Tiffany Christensen. I have been involved in animal rescue and dog training for over 15-years. After witnessing firsthand the hundreds of adoptable dogs being euthanized for behavioral problems that could be easily corrected, I began working with rescues to help rehabilitate and train their harder-to-adopt dogs to overcome their problems and become more likely to be adopted. I am an advocate for the No-Kill Initiative and firmly believe that all dogs deserve a chance at life. I moved to North Dakota in 2010 and fell in love with the area. In 2016, I opened Kanine Kingdom which offers doggy daycare, kennel-free boarding, and scientific based dog training to the Williston area. I currently live in Willison, ND with 9-dogs that I affectionately call my ‘kids’. Hunter is a 12-year old Labrador. Gunner is a 6-year old Mastiff/Lab mix. Rhaurie is a 6-year old Irish Wolfhound. Freddie is a 3-year old Irish Wolfhound/Lab mix. Cooper is a 12-year of Bichon. Lucy is a 3-year old Pomeranian/Dachshund mix. Ethel is an 8-year old Chihuahua. Ayana is a 6-year old Irish Wolfhound and Katie is a 1-year old Pitbull mix.

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Our Partners


As a volunteer based rescue, we rely on the help of both people like you, as we as local business here in the Bismarck-Mandan Community.

Below are some of the business that help us with their time and resources, so we can help the animals who need it most!


Kanine Kingdom

Kanine Kingdom provides us with training, and assistance with behavioral issues that our rescues are dealing with. Kanine Kingdom offers dog daycare, kennel free boarding, and scientific based dog training to the WIlliston area. If you would like to get in contact with them to help with your pets, click the logo above!

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